Recommendations school classes option 2

Kriens – Fräkmüntegg – Hergiswil

This option offers the possibility to reach the village Hergiswil on foot via a slightly more difficult path. Alternatively, you can use the gondola cableway starting at Alpgschwänd. The total time needed is about 4¾ or 5½ hours. The estimated total walking time is about 2 or 2½ hours.

Train station Lucerne
ab 4h 45min
Secured way
Suitable for children
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Lucerne station - Kriens 15 bus bus no.1 / stop "Kriens, Zentrum Pilatus"
Kriens bus station - Kriens Pilatus railway and cableways 10 walk  
Kriens-Fräkmüntegg 30 gondola cableway  
Fräkmüntegg - toboggan run 5 walk  
toboggan chitchat - lunch 90 SLEDDING

pre-registration for groups
fireplaces, seats and kiosk available

Fräkmüntegg-Hergiswil 120 walk interesting path via Alpgschwänd *
Hergiswil train station - Lucerne 15 / 60 train / boat  
total time needed 285    

* Alternatively, you can take the gondola cableway from Alpgschwänd to Schwandi, reducing the walking time by about 30 minutes.