Kriens – Fräkmüntegg – Kriens

An excursion for everyone with a short running time but a lot of fun. Total time required approx. 3 hours. Fireplace, seating and kiosk available.  

Apero possible (please click Contact & Arrival to make a request   

  • Bus no. 1 from Lucerne train station to Kriens (Zentrum Pilatus) [15min].
  • Bus station - Pilatusbahn valley station [10min].
  • Gondola Kriens - Fräkmüntegg [30min]
  • Walk Fräkmüntegg - toboggan run [5min].
  • Tobogganing fun [60-90min]
  • Gondola Fräkmüntegg - Kriens [30min]
  • Walk to Pilatusbahn valley station - bus station [10min].
  • Bus no. 1 from Kriens (center Pilatus) to Lucerne train station [15min].